Paul with Beekeepers Association

Paul meets with the president of Lithuanian Beekeepers Association

Our honeyman, Paul met with Dr. A. Skirkevicius the president and K.Spetyla the vicepresident of Lithuania’s Beekeepers Association. presentation
beekeeping seminar
We are very thankful for the seminar and discussion about the current beekeeping trends and practices in Lithuania, as well as managing deseases and improving health of the honeybees! 🐝
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Currently there are 163,906 registered bee colonies in Lithuania from which 75% of 8,490 beekeepers are small scale. Moreover, for the past 10 years there has been a steady upward sloping trend in number of bees. We are very happy that more and more people start to care for the lives of bees and begin to keep healthy hives in their back gardens across Lithuania. 🌞

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